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An Introduction To The Government & Politics Section

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Let’s start off by saying that you can’t talk about the Town of Cicero and do it any justice without talking about politics and government. Everyone has an opinion here and they’re going to be as wide and varied as any other discussion of politics, except ours generally gets a worse rap in national headlines, which is really saying something. People who live here or have lived here can have some deep convictions and passions about the subject, which is why we’re addressing the topic here.

This site will offer open comments on many of our articles and posts. We encourage thoughtful discussion. In order to keep that line of communication open, we’ll state openly that thoughtful and, more importantly, respectful commentary is not just encouraged but necessary for any kind of true debate and discussion of the issues in our town’s government and political process.

The catch here is that we’d like to see discussions that are issue-based and factual. For those who need that translated – no petty, bullshit name-calling. If your position accuses someone of wrongdoing of any sort, it has to be backed up by evidence. Evidence doesn’t mean you heard it from the lady down the street or “everyone knows”; it means you can cite legitimate, credible sources. Saying someone is guilty of something they’ve never been convicted or even charged with is slanderous and we’ll remove it. If you’re citing a newspaper article, publication, expert opinion, or book, please back that up with the link or references for other readers to find. You can cite allegations and opinions, but do everyone the courtesy of making it clear that your statement isn’t actual proven fact. We’re not a judge or jury and we don’t want any part of libeling people for fun.

Let me state outright that I like Larry Dominick as both a person and our Town President. That’s not to say some of the other people in town hall shouldn’t go piss into the wind, but those are opinions that also won’t make it into the articles of this site. The thing is, we’re not here to advocate for this administration or anyone else, we’re just here to talk about the town. If there are GENUINE and real issues that you feel should be stated and you do it in a respectful and responsible manner, it will be left on this site and discussed openly here. On the other hand, if what you’re posting falls into the category of baseless insults and childishness, it will be deleted.

Here is a simple litmus test for anyone that believes they know about wrongdoing by our public officials: Before posting your information here, you should contact the Chicago office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – Address: 2111 W. Roosevelt Road – Chicago, Illinois 60608 – Phone: (312)421-6700 – E-mail: If you don’t believe you could make a complaint to them, then we don’t want to hear it here, either. is not responsible for the comments left on this site by readers and we’re not agreeing or disagreeing with them by leaving them visible. We’ll make every effort to remove offensive, libelous, derogatory, racist, sexist, and all the other “ists” as soon as possible, but we might miss one or two here or there. There will be some people who dislike this stance and believe it to be censorship. I’m going to state this as plainly as possible – our site, our rules. While we’ll make every effort to be as fair as possible, we don’t really give a fuck if you’re upset that your comment was deleted. If we deleted it, it didn’t belong here.

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