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A Funny Thing Happened on Our Way to Launching A Website…

Thank you to David Smith who posted the article in “You Know You’re From Cicero When…” and Annette Widlacki who also posted the article in “I’m From Cicero Bitch…”

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When we had the idea for the Cicero Life, we thought it might gain a little traction in readership over a long period of time because, well, the subject matter is pretty fucking spectacular. And I don’t only say that because I’m from Cicero, though I guess there’s a bit of hometown pride thrown into the mix. There are a lot of interesting places in the world, but none quite like this one. Every generation has left a mark that echoes in the buildings and on the streets. Every person who spent any time here has a great story, or 27.

So the idea first came up early in 2015 and we started developing articles and designing the website. It was this kernel of an idea that might take off. It was more labor of love than anything. So we were taking our time and slowly placing articles… and then bam! All of a sudden people actually found the site. We hadn’t launched yet.

Over the week of Christmas we had 2,000 visitors, which might not sound like much but we were pretty thrilled… and slightly embarrassed because we weren’t ready to launch. So we scrambled to get the last few test pages down and set up Facebook pages to start getting the word out. You’ll notice our social media pages getting more active from here on out – be patient with us there, because we’re still learning.

Thanks to Fantastic Facebook Groups

You might be wondering how so many people found our site over such a short stretch of time. We definitely were. A few people found our article on the neighborhoods of Cicero and shared it in the Facebook Groups they belong to. We’d like to extend a big thank you for that. We’re happy you liked the article and thrilled you thought enough of it to share it with your friends.

Thank you to David Smith who posted the article in “You Know You’re From Cicero When…” and Annette Widlacki who also posted the article in “I’m From Cicero Bitch…”

A Few Updates on the Site

We’ve made a few updates in the past weeks and there will likely be more to come as we find need. You’ll notice that there’s a comment section. You don’t need to be a member of anything to comment here. All you need to do is sign in using your email and name. The only reason for the sign in is to keep spam at bay and we don’t sell your email. You won’t get any email from us at all because you commented. We do have a subscription section at the sidebar – if you’d like all our posts emailed to you as we add them, feel free to subscribe. Comments will be visible as soon as they’re released and we’ll try to keep a close eye on it so they’ll update fairly quickly.

We are open to submissions and suggestions. If you’d like to see an article or topic covered, feel free to drop us an email. If you’d like to write something for us, feel free to send it in. There is a submission page for more information on what we’re looking for and how to contact us.

Thanks for taking the time to page in. We’re looking forward to more fun to come.

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