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Interested in writing for Here’s what you need to know.

What We’re Looking For?
We’re pretty easy and straightforward here. We’re looking for great writing that totally brings the reader into our world. We want stories that make you wish you were there or, better yet, make you feel like you were. We want to go back to Cicero when it was small, when it was great, even when it was a shooting range for the inept and over-hormone infused. We don’t want to shy away from what it was or is, we just want the picture – whether that’s a pinpoint in time or a wide, sweeping saga.

Well, How Do I Achieve That?
The best way to submit something we’re likely to love is to read the stuff we already have up. If you’re reading through one of our columns and think, “I’ve got a better story than that” or “Pfffft… I could tell you some stuff that would curl your hair” – send that shit in. We want to read it.

Do I Have To Be A Past Or Present Resident Of Cicero To Write For You?
No. Absolutely not.

Anyone from Cicero will boast on and on about the authenticity in our voice. The truth I’ve found is that a lot of neighborhoods are twin spirits of ours. If you have something to add, through experience or research, send it in. Reach out. Let us know. The worst that can happen is we’ll decline it. And big fucking deal – better to hear, “no” than never try.

While we have space for people who have specific Cicero stories (as is pretty blatantly obvious by our masthead), we’d definitely consider neighborhood stories from other places, especially if there’s a correlation between yours and ours.

Do Cicero Residents Get Preferential Treatment?
Yeah, kinda. We don’t so much care what your address was; we just know that people from the neighborhood are more likely to hit the mark on the subject matter. So, yes, I’m going to guess we’ll publish more stories from people from Cicero.

Should Professional Writers Apply?
Fuck yeah.

Do I Have To Be A Writer By Trade?
Fuck no.

Your profession doesn’t concern us. Your stories do. If you’re worried about grammar, or writing style, or the fact that you haven’t set pen down to paper since your high school essay and that shit barely passed, stop worrying. Write it out in your own voice. Do the best job you can with editing. And send it in. If we think there’s something there, we’ll let you know, and we’ll edit it for you before it hits the website.

Who Owns The Content You Submit?
You do. Submitting to us is giving us the right to post your piece on our site. You still own the piece and it still carries your byline, whether you’re choosing to use your own name or a pen name.

How About Pictures?
Pictures are always appreciated. If you’ve got a great one of the town or something that you think our readers might really like, we’d love to see it. We’ll credit you with the photo if it’s yours. If it’s not yours, please cite the photographer or publisher so that we can do the same.

We’re not currently able to pay for content. When the site starts generating revenue, we’ll revisit this policy and update this page with any changes. We do realize that sucks and that some people will choose not to submit to a non-paying market.

We are happy to include your full name (or name of your choosing), links to any of your business or personal websites/media accounts, and space in your article for advertising, which can come in handy if you’re running a business.

How To Apply
Send any submissions to

In your subject line, include the words “Submission”, the column you’d like it to appear in (for instance, “No Names” or “History”), and the title of your piece.

Do not include any attachments. Type or paste your content in the body of the email.

We will respond to your submission whether we choose to include it or not.

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